Server & Storage Maintenance Service

Service such as email are critical component of doing business.Managing such critical components seem easy, but in most cases, such components remain far unstable and unreliable than the critical components of a traditional brick and mortar business. Quartee offers regules server & storage maintenance plans which are designed to keep your system updated and working reliably in order to prevent future system issues and unscheduled downtime

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This preventive service is essential, as it is designed to identify and highlight any potential issues before they arise by carrying out health checks on your system. Also proactive maintenance service from Quartee are designed for complete customer peace of mind.Hardware and software problems are inevitable, but regular check can help prevent unnecessary issues such as lost data.With the implementation of Server & Storage Maintenance Service, Our customers will achieve the following benefits:

  • Consistent Service Level Agreement
  • Faster fixing the problem
  • Point-of-contact to provide the parts and labor services during the maintenance and support period.
  • Get support and guarantee letter from the principle that all hardware and software are original.
  • Avoid wasting time and money investing in skills that aren’t mission critical
  • On-site break or fix services
  • Warranty services
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